Starting a job

Welcome to work!

The supervisory work for employee with partial work ability is guided by good management. The normal elements of good management apply to the new employee’s

  • a suitable position as the premise
  • inform the work community in advance about the new person and their job description
  • appoint a workplace instructor in the work community
  • agree with the newly-hired employee on what information will be provided to the work community. For example, the supervisor can inform the work community that due to the person’s state of health, special arrangements will be made to the new employee’s working hours or working environment.
  • a normal, well-implemented orientation to the workplace and position as well as introduction to colleagues
  • ensure that communication related to the position is clear and consistent
  • include the new person in workplace meetings, coffee breaks and recreational events, taking into account any restrictions
  • carry out regular situation assessments together with the employed person
  • normal, daily interaction with the work community is sufficient
  • agree on any changes in the work tasks that have been agreed on together with the employed person
  • give and welcome positive and constructive feedback at a low threshold, especially when work has only recently begun
  • Be prepared to make changes if things don’t work
  • decide on the continuation of a work try-out/employment relationship together with the employee at a pre-arranged time
  • if necessary, be prepared for the controlled interruption of the work try-out or employment relationship if the work is for some reason not suitable for the employee. Also go through these experiences constructively with the work community.

The normal elements of good management apply to the new employee’s:Good management, Orientation, Interaction, Psychological security, Guidance and presence, Regular situation assessments,Implementation of changes, Future plans: New inhouse worker.

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