Diversity as a resource

A diverse work community refers to a workplace where a diverse group of employees are seen as a resource that brings added value to a company’s operations. Recruiting employees with different backgrounds promotes diversity in the work community.

Diversity helps in building a more positive employer image

The diversity of personnel reflects the diversity of society and a company’s customers. The personnel policy and everyday practices of a diverse company actively take into account people of different ages representing different genders from different cultures, religions and countries. Persons with partial work ability, persons with disabilities, persons from sexual minorities, persons with families and persons without families also bring a new perspectives to a diverse work community.

By committing to operating models that promote diversity, a company can have a positive impact on its employer image. A positive perception of a company as employer has a direct positive impact on the company’s business result. Some organisations therefore require that their partners respect diversity.

A diverse work community includes several elements: Company values, Accessible environment, The work community supports a wide range of employees, The need for financial and other support is not an impediment and Communications.

In a work community that supports diversity

The environment is accessible

  • mobility
  • ergonomics
  • aids
  • safety
  • sensory accessibility, e.g. hearing and visual impairments

The importance of differences is evident in company values

  • diversity is valued as a resource
  • abilities are appreciated
  • everyone is heard

The social environment supports all kinds of employees

  • knowledge, skills and attitudes of the work community with regard to different needs

Communication is successful

  • access to information, clarity of communication and a multichannel approach to communication

Financial considerations do not form obstacles

  • personal assistants and aids are taken into account
  • compensation is provided for commutes

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